Introduction of MOBINN

MOBINN is a double-linked self-balancing robot with flexible wheels, capable of driving on even ground and climbing stairs. Since the inclination of the second link (Head) can be maintained horizontally, the payload can be delivered stably.

Structure of the MOBINN

MOBINN consists of three parts: a head that maintains a horizon for transport safety, a body that connects the head and wheels, and a flexible wheel. The flexible wheel deforms when climbing stairs. This variant allows you to climb stairs with less torque than normal wheels.

Flexible Wheel

The flexible wheel consists of a spoke, wheel frame, and rim. Each plays the following roles.

As the moment arms of the wheels(𝒍_𝒘𝒄) are shortened by deformation of the spoke, the torque required to climb stairs is reduced. In addition, the robot COM angle required when climbing stairs is also smaller, so stability after climbing stairs is increased.