Wearable Robot

Wearable Robot, KUEX

We developed the hybrid wearable robot, Kookmin University Exoskeleton (KUEX), which is able to walk autonomously as like normal humanoid robots and to augment force of a wearer. This robot has totally ten DOFs and each actuator consists of an electric motor and a high ratio harmonic gear. In order to control the robot, we use an IMU sensor which measures posture of the robot and five FT sensors. A FT sensor located between an ankle and a sole is used to control ZMP when a human doesn’t wear the robot and to detect ground contact when a human wears the robot. Also, a FT sensor attached at an inner part of an ankle, which is strapped with a human’s ankle part, is used to figure out motion of a human’s swing leg. The last one is strapped with a human’s waist and used to make motion of a stance leg.

Knee Power Assisting Robot

This study presents the development of a modular knee exoskeleton system that supports the knee joints of hemiplegic patients. The device is designed to realize the polycentric motion of real human knees using a 4-bar linkage and to minimize its total weight. In order to determine the user’s intention, force-sensitive resistors (FSRs) in the user’s insole, a torque sensor on the robot knee joint, and an encoder in the motor are used. The control algorithm is based on a finite state machine (FSM), where the force control, position control, and virtual damping control are applied in each state. The proposed hardware design and algorithm are verified through performing experiments on the standing, walking, and sitting motion controls while wearing the knee exoskeleton.