Light-weight Manipulator

Light-weight 6-DOF Manipulator

We developed Light-Weight 6-DOF Manipulator, named RAMM(Robot Arm Master Manipulator). The device was designed to be like human arm to avoid interference with human arm. Because master device can be used anywhere, RAMM was designed to be light-weight(less than 4kg for each arm). RAMM has 6 joint and each has an actuator be composed of DC motor and Harmonic drive. To generate RAMM's motions, Kinematics were applied. RAMM recognizes user's intention by using a FT-sensor which is placed on end-effector. By using an admittance control, RAMM generates motions that mimicking human arm's movements. RAMM always send end-effector's position information (x,y,z) and orientation(roll, pitch, yaw) information to slave device. So anything which translates and rotates can be controlled by using RAMM.

  • Rendering of RAMM
  • Motion Test
  • Admittance Control